No Reason Not to Rock the Party!

It never seems to fail that every year there is a party that requires me to dress up… and you all know how I love fashionable gowns and dresses! The problem is that they are expensive to own and you simply cannot make the look last for years because it is out of style the minute you take it off that night! So sad! What do you do with a closet full of last year’s gowns? Make a quilt of satin and silk?

I found out a not so secret secret though. You can get cocktail party dresses and gowns from one of my favorite places in the world! I love what they do with bridal wear and how they make every wedding unique and special. And their party dresses are just as fun and affordable! You know it, David’s Bridal to the rescue! Fantastic selection on their website so you can browse before you go down to their store to pick it up, or have it sent straight to you. Love it!