Hatsune Miku, how hot is she?

How hot can an anime be in the highly competitive world of Music? Yeah! Hatsune Miku, the Japanese anime pop star princess they viewed as a 3-D Hologram in Tokyo. The Technology is amazing. She move and sing on the stage like a real human being. WOW! Her school girl yet super spy outfit and her amazingly long lavender hair are a fashion you only see in the cartoons and the anime movies but here it was on stage. Gaging by the reaction of the sold out crowd the concert was an overwhelming success for its creators Crypton Future Media. How far can this pop phenom go in the world wide culture? Many americans commented that it couldn’t happen outside of Japan. However, I think they better expand that into the entire Asian market as it is popular from Thailand all the way to Korea. That’s include some pretty big markets in between like Philippines, a huge consumer of Pop Culture. Just take a look at the list of top performers who played in Manila. I believe this is a wave of the future with potential for american market especially in brining back diseased performers in the Avatar form. Let me know what you think.