Stars Celebrate McQueen’s Life

September 26, 2010 • by jhoice • in Fashion News

Alexander McQueen the fashion designer who took his life the night before his mother’s funeral was honored by many who wore and loved his fashion. The lights were out for Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Stella McCartney as they gathered at St Paul’s Cathedral in the United Kingdom. Bjork sang “Gloomy SUnday” and was decked out all in white with angel wings adorning his back. Many people chose to wear the tartan which was McQueen’s trademark for his trendy designs. Described as a complex man with dark and light sides McQueen’s memorial was touching to those who followed him.

Alexander McQueen

Charice Graces Glee

September 22, 2010 • by jhoice • in Entertainment News Music

Charice Pempengco made her debut on Glee Season 2 Episode last night and it was completely cool. Her fashion was a couple of things that I am not crazy about the big glasses they had her wear in her first scene. It was a little too nerd for me but she was really cute later in a barrette and short skirt be sang “Listen” and blew them all away! It is really great seeing a Filipina become an international star and looking good doing it!