Lookbook is forever!

My addiction to lookbook is back! I am actually member of the site since 2007 but they cancelled my account because of neglecting it. Smh! Now, I decided to apply again and sent them my first look. I was worried they might not accept me and to my surprise they have confirmed my registration. YAYS! And thanks to Sis Joanna for the invitation code (even though I wasn’t able to use it).  

I have been browsing and saw a lot of vintage fashion which catches my eye. I will try to make a list of them later. For now, I have made my 2nd Look. Been loving dresses lately: && BTW, hubby bought me a cute bow necklace  that I said “ewwww it’s too flashy”  but when I put it on it looks totally awesome! I Just Love It! Like the outfit? Hype it!