Darkness Brings Such Beauty

The phenomenon of the return of the vampires into cult culture and sweeping the modern world is amazing. So many movies and now television shows that feature the blood suckers are pulling in record amounts of revenue and setting up new Hollywood stars and of course the accompanying fashion! That is where I come in and the lines of clothing and available accessories are strangely hypnotizing!

A friend of mine who loves the Twilight series recently started wearing a necklace that her boyfriend bought for her. It is totally cool! It is called a Twilight and True Blood Necklace and it is the commitment of love forever! So, romantic! It is in a circle which symbolizes the eternity of vampire love. It was created with blood red Swarovski crystals and they are surrounded by a dark shroud of jet black stones. She had an 18” sterling silver chain but pointed out to me that you can get it with black silk as well. I guess the silver can burn a true vampire! Oh! So spooky! It really is a beautiful piece of jewelry and is a wonderful symbol of love between the two of these eternal lovers!