Handbag Heaven

Everyone knows what a passion I have for shopping and one of my favorite purchases of all is a fashion handbag! I am lucky enough to have some great stores in our local malls here but you only have so much selection when you are working with an inventory. Online is of course a whole different story and I have found a couple of great sites I will share you all but you have to remember you heard about from me first! Promise? 

Ok then, the first one I like is sokubag.com because this site is completely wild with excellent replica handbags. Your bff wont’ know the difference unless you confess over a cocktail that it is not the real thing! The sukobag is really well laid out with the brand names down the left side. All you need to do it click on your favorite designer and look at what they offer. Super nice bags with lookalike attraction but the prices are really low! I love it.

Another site is a great blog with news about the latest styles and great photos to see how lovely they are. It is called louis-vuitton-news.com and you can’t help but like the minimal style and the focus on the handbags. Everyone loves Louis Vuitton handbags and when you love something so much you dedicate your blog to it then you can make magic! I will never own enough handbags or shoes so I visit both places often. Check them out!