Got Some Good Beauty News!

You know I am always looking out for places we can all go and find great products or fashion to keep ourselves beautiful! Well you are going to be as thrilled as I am over this one I am sure. The latest news is about Beauty products. They are new to me but I am sure some of you might have beat me to this excellent line of cosmetic and skin care products. I got tipped off by a friend who is using their Regeneration line.

I saw her last Thursday for lunch and I could not believe how great she looked. I had to wait for her to come to the table before I was sure it was her. Serious! She looked great and when I found out her secret was the Regeneration Tight, Firm & Fill Face Crème I knew I had to check them out and blog about their line. I like the idea of beauty control in the life of a woman we always need to practice beauty control to look our absolute best.

My friend who was using it said she had attended a Beach Party. They have a get together and try the BC products to see what works for them and then they can place an order while they are there. Cool thing is that the hostess gets presents and credit with BC to use as she wants too! I have only scratched the surface of what they have in their store so be sure to check them out! Don’t forget I told you first!