Diamonds are Still the Choice

I don’t think any precious stone can be as stunning as a diamond. They are such a creation of natural beauty and when you are working with a knowledgeable jeweler you can find a lifelong diamond for your loved one or yourself. My hubby and I went through quite an ordeal when we were first engaged and then married. We went to the jeweler and picked out simple gold matching bands first but then my hubby wanted me to have a diamond engagement ring too. 

Our rings matched each other’s wedding band but the engagement ring always looked out of place and it would not stay upright on my finger it always slipped around! I didn’t want to criticize it because it was what he wanted me to have but after a year or so of marriage I think it kind of started to bother him when he saw other bridal sets like my sister which is a beautiful heirloom from her husband’s mother. 

He began suggesting that we look at diamond jewelry when we would go the malls and of course I wanted to participate! He kept looking at bridal sets and I didn’t really get it at first but he had decided to get me a nice matched set to replace our original rings. I was kind of torn because I had been wearing it so long now and it was and is still dear to me. I told him I didn’t want another set when he said he wanted to get one but he explained to me that he gave me the original rings because he loves me and that the new rings were given with even more love. 

We found a nice set in white gold and around my birthday which is pretty close to Christmas and our anniversary he bought it for me and I really love it now. I have been wearing if for about three years and it really feels like ours now. I would have worn the other forever and sometimes I still put it on to wear for a few days!