Plan Early for a Fashion Career

Many of you are just like me and have loved fashion from an early age.  Even though I was a poor kid, I still loved to look at magazines and dress up my dollies when I was playing.  Now that I am more matured, (maybe!) I realize that the sooner you start to think about a career in fashion the better chance you will have of making your dreams come true.

One thing you can do at any age is study the industry.  You don’t have to own a computer to do this girls.  Remember books?  They are available for free in your local library and the history of fashion is well documented.  Beyond books the library is full of magazine subscriptions to the major fashion rags.  Should you have a computer at your disposal the sites that follow fashion are in the thousands.  Find one that appeals to you and visit it often but remember to read the news not just look at the hot new looks.  One day you will want to know the leaders in the fashion industry in the direction you want to go be it modeling, design or marketing.

When you are ready to make your future come true there are modeling schools you can attend.  Don’t go with one of those that want you to pay for modeling lessons.  When you have the right stuff to be a model the agencies will want you not your money so be cautious.  Design schools are available in most major metropolitan areas and many offer scholarships for good students.

My advice is don’t just dream.  Make a plan and set goals for yourself because not everyone who is successful in the fashion world got noticed when she was a gorgeous, long legged teenager.  You got to make your own noise!