Breast Cancer Fashion Accessories

October 1, 2009 • by jhoice • in Uncategorized

October is a breast cancer awareness month. The fight against breast cancer has come a long way and many improvements in treatment have been made in recent years. This progress is due to the strong support of research from both individuals and corporations. I wondered how I could help and I came across an article by Lauren Taylor on that was jumbled but interesting. Apparently, teaming with corporations and charity is alive and well. There are many companies that offer a Breast Cancer Awareness fashion item and then share the proceeds with the Breast Cancer Research foundation.

I particularly love the Survivor bracelet available at Kitson boutique designed by Lisa Stewart. It’s pink of course and so chic that can be worn anywhere for a casual touch. She also pointed out a Disco Baby Breast Cancer Ribbon Boots that are wild and a lot of fun. The name alone takes two breathes to say.

Bottom line is there are some really nice products available to support the research so check it out and help if you can!

  1. Tara   »

    That is a nice bracelet and the boots are cute too!

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    nice info. by the way, that’s a nice shoe. so cute ^_^
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    love these items…so girly…thanks for sharing…..glad to be here!

  6. Ayen   »

    thanks for visitng back. I have added your link in my page. pls link me back. thanks friend

  7. Michelle   »

    Those boots are toooo adorbale and the bracelet is very pwetty – I have something similar just it’s silver and gold :) and not for any awareness though :(

    Thanks for the heads up – shall do a post on Breast Cancer Awareness

    Have a good day

    x x x

  8. Kathy   »

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    Tank’s For Visit!
    Nice info. That’s a nice shoes. :)
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  10. silvergirl   »

    cute boots.. love em.. thanks for the vsiit

  11. Bianca   »

    LOVEE THE BOOOTS!! I WANT A PAREE!!!! how could i go about getting a pare?

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