Try Makeup Trends Online

October 20, 2009 • by jhoice • in Beauty Tips

You can try the latest in fashion makeup on your face online to see if you like the look for you. This is terrific as you can save some dough from going out and buying the latest colors and giving it a go on your own. is the website and all you do is go pick a photo that has your color and go for it.

Do you have a models face? Now you can try the looks and see if you can pull it off in the privacy of your own PC! Ha-ha! They have different brands like MAC and others. It’s a lot of fun for a little diversion. You have to register to get the full effect but that only takes a few minutes.

iPhone Applications Focused on Fashion

October 14, 2009 • by jhoice • in Fashion Industry

iPhone applications that focus on the fashion world are a huge hit. You can find a ton of them that provide have been developed by different companies to help users to keep tabs on the shows and the upcoming fall and spring fashions. There are also some that help with creating your own fashionable look. There are too many to mention them all but has one that gets updates from their Style File blog. Lucky magazine has one that let you view the editor’s favorite items and gives you a link to purchase it online.

I like the one from Lookz Lite, it is a .99 cent application that gives you videos on how to’s for beauty. D&G Fashion Channel has a very robust one that gives you access to that latest couture, videos from fashion shows and a map to the closest D&G boutique! Nice, right! So check them out!