Vintage Fashion on the Road Show

Fiona Bruce is a presenter for the Antique Road Show and she has recently debuted or should I say re-debuted 1970s fashion. Her claim is that 30 years is long enough to constitute antique when it comes to clothing and who is to argue? The resurgence of trendy hippy ware and the pop art patterns has been going on for some time. So why not pull out your grandparent’s old trunk and start a new renascence of sorts. The clothing is bringing record prices and the British are leading the way once again with their version of the Road Show hosted by Fiona Bruce!

Personally, I can’t see myself in a lot of it especially since I am not terribly fond of wearing dresses but the minis with a pair of leggings definitely could find a way into my fashion eye. Fiona models a Pucci print that I can barely look at in this picture below but what do you think? Do you like it?

Antique Road Show