Fashion in Furballs

September 29, 2009 • by jhoice • in Film Fashion Latest Trends

Furball Fashion has been released by the creator of the show “Where the Wild Things Are”. They have taken the furry creatures and fashioned some dresses, coats and even a jump suit complete with ears and a tail. It is really weird for normal wear and absurdly priced if they intend it for Halloween. The dress is over $400! I can’t believe that this will ever get off the ground let alone get more than its 15 minutes of fame.

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    love all that fur…if only it’s cold enough here, haha.

    thank you for droppin by=)

    sorry if it took me awhile, it is actually my come back today…hope you can come visit back soon. will be posting more real soon.

    i again love your theme…everything’s so organized and cute!

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    Cute pictures sweety….
    I didn’t know about fashion, maybe I can learn at here…

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