Fashion Designer:Child Molester Sentenced to 3 x 53 Years

August 31, 2009 • by jhoice • in Fashion News

Perhaps in one of the largest cases concerning molestation and Anand Jon Alexander was convicted last November 2008. Alexander is now acting as his own attorney and has filed an appeal on his own behalf since firing his former team of attorneys. The appeal comes after the same judge indicted Alexander’s sister and a former juror for contempt of court for contact during the trial.

Anand Jon Alexander was featured on “America’s Next Top Model” way back in 2003 before all of this trouble came to light. He was convicted of rape and molestation of seven girls! He was also charged for child pornography as he was videotaping his crimes as well. I am sure it won’t do him any good to defend himself because they always say the man that acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client! Once this current trial is over he will be extradited to New York and stand trial for the same charges with nine other women named as victims. Anand has been a very busy sleaseball!