Brazilian Butt lift Gone Wrong

The Brazilian Butt lift is today one of the most popular and trendiest procedures in surgical beauty. It is a butt augmentation procedure that transfers fat by using liposuction from the areas of the body such as the tummy or thighs to the butt by reinjecting it and sculpting for a fuller more toned look. The procedure is quite complicated due to its invasive nature in the body. The procedure needs a lot of technique especially that important veins are involved, sterile instruments, and expert surgeon which is why there are many complications and risk especially when it is not done properly or correctly.

Procedures that Went Horribly Bad

No one can resist having the perfect body which is why most individuals go on to extra lengths just to achieve it. They do not consider checking the complication it may cause or of their body is ready for it. Below are some of the worst outcomes of the famous Brazilian Butt Lift.

  • Death

In Miami, Florida, a mother of two dies in the clinic after the procedure. The woman, 21 years of age, went to Encore Plastic Surgery to have the famous procedure done. Fat would be transferred to her buttocks to plump it up. She was immediately rushed to E.R. after the procedure when her organs failed. She died after fat clots blocked her arteries.

Another case, also in Miami, Florida when a 51-year-old woman went to undergo the procedure. She hired a dermatologist, which was allowed in that state that any doctor could perform cosmetic surgery, instead of a surgeon to do the said procedure. She, later on, died after the procedure when the fats that were injected to her buttocks allowed the fatty matter to enter in her bloodstream which caused lung embolism and resulted to her death.

  • Negative Reaction to the Surgery

There is a case in which the body reacts negatively to the injection that was made such is the case of a woman. She went to a clinic to have the procedure done and felt ill afterward. She opted for another opinion and was, later on, told she would be disfigured as not only the injected ones would be needed to remove but also the tissues surrounding it as well.

  • Infection

Possible infections such as what happened to a woman when the procedure that was made with her became infected. As a result, she had lumpy and unattractive behind. She then went on to undergo countless procedures to repair it but failed. She ended stuck with the final outcome which was a disproportionate backside.


It is important to consider what are the proper ways to have the procedure in order to prevent disastrous outcomes. There are many ways to prevent these horribly bad cases such as:

  • Identify Health Problems

Before under going the procedure, make sure that there are no serious health issues or illness in your body such as heart failures, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Make sure to inform the physician of these problems in order for them to know how to approach and handle it and if they would still need to continue on doing the procedure.

  • Choose the Right Surgeon

This is also very important to consider as they would be the one to the procedure. Make sure that the surgeon has many experiences and is certified. Having a well trained surgeon would result to proper handling of the procedure and would know what to do in case something goes wrong.

  • Avoid illegal Procedures

Some individuals opt to find cheap procedures and thus disregarding any complications that may occur. Illegal injections or the one found in the black market can be fake and thus harm the body.

  • Recovery

Lastly, allow yourself to recover after the procedure and follow the instructions told by the physician. Avoid doing what is not allowed to ensure fast and safe recovery.

Taking care of a horse trail camera

Do you own a Horse Trailer camera and you have no idea on how to take care of it? This precious piece is one that you need to cherish and you can achieve this using the following pointers.

  1. Keep the Horse Trailer Camera away from dust as possible

Dust is a major threat to a camera for horse trailer as it gets to the sensitive parts and interfere with their normal working. The sensors, the lenses and the mobile parts of the camera need to be free from dust.

To do this, you can regularly wipe the camera and keep it away from dusty surfaces that will increase dust contact with the camera. A better idea is to buy a camera cover that will protect your camera from dust.

  1. Maintain it ever dry and free from moisture

Moisture is somehow difficult to control as it builds up on the lenses when you least expect it to. Substances like silica gel packs can be useful to absorb moisture that builds up on the camera and keep it dry.

You should also take care of the Horse Trailer Camera when using it while swimming. Water is dangerous and just a little will destroy your camera.

  1. Avoid physical damage such as hard hits

Even as most cameras have shockproof casings, this is not a full protector when the cameras fall or receive a hard hit. The external parts as well as the internal parts may get broken; thus making the camera poor in performance or useless altogether.

You should therefore be careful when handling your Horse Trailer Camera to avoid regretting the damages.

The Horse Trailer camera is fun to have when in perfect good condition, that is why you will want it to remain that way. So be careful and enjoy it for your photo taking!

Are you looking to buy foam? Find out a few tips to consider before making your purchase

In every house, we must add foam to our furniture and beddings for good comfort while resting; therefore, foam is very important to all of us when it comes to taking a snap or resting after a typical hardworking day. Yes! Are you looking to Buy foam for your furniture or beddings and you do not know where to begin? On a light note, today we have two best types of foam mattress in the market, memory foam and latex foam mattresses, which are everyone’s choice when it comes to choosing foam. With the available dazzling array of foam mattresses available in the market, it can be difficult for you to make a choice. However, don’t worry this article can be of help to you.

Before you would take the first move to the market or browse your internet to look for the best foam, it is important that you understand that the market offers different types of foam, which are meant for different kind of needs. Therefore, instead of browsing checking for what is latest in the market, take a moment and review what you need have for the foam before making the decision.

For many people, high-density foam mattress has been their first choice when it comes buying foam for their house beddings and furniture. It is stronger, more flexible and while they give you the luxury of good feel and comfort, they retain their firmness and give your body the strength and a good support that your body needs. In addition, you have a choice. If you are not interested to invest in high-density foam, you can choose medium density, which is an alternative and can still serve you better.

Either sleeping, resting or siting in your office or in your house it is important you understand the need for a comfortable and luxury foam that can make you feel good and have a healthy body. Hence, in regards to buying the best foam, you do not need to step into any store and buy the first fancy looking piece that you get. Take your time out and make right decision before your purchase to ensure you get it all for the need for foam of your own desire.

4 Vital Steps on Finding an Outside Caterer

The presence of food at any event or function attracts people. This is why in your event you need to have enough good food for every participant. Such functions tend to have a reasonable crowd so it will be an overstretched job for you to plan for the event yourself. 

This is where Port A Pit BBQ catering and such like companies come in to play the major role of planning your event, which of course includes the food. However, there are several factors to consider while choosing an outside catering company. Highlighted below are the few major ones.

1. Budget

Establish a budget that will be enough to cover the event. You can decide to work on it yourself or delegate that work to the caterers you will choose. This is mandatory to have in check beforehand.

2. Find a caterer

Go online and research for catering services. You will need to take extra caution to find one that suits you. Put in mind that the big names don’t always deliver. You might just be another customer to them. Alternatively, the small names are looking to make their name so it is likely they will go out of their way to please you with their services. This however will all depend on you and your taste.

3. Event theme

Which is your chosen color? Is it a modern or a traditional kind of event? May be a baby shower? Find a caterer who is all rounded to bring out your theme perfectly. One who has specialized skills.

4. Services offered

For a full-fledged function, there will not only be food but other services as well. For example games, music and dances etc. Your caterer should be able to provide all these satisfactorily. This will go a long way to cut the cost of hiring for these services 

Essential Items for Your Sewing Box

Getting started with sewing needn’t be expensive, but if you walk into a haberdashery shop or browse online stores, you’ll soon see how it could turn out that way! The best way to build up your tools is to start with a basic kit and buy things as you need from there. So here’s our list of the essentials.

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Fabric Scissors

Most seamstresses are particular about their sewing scissors, and with good reason. You need a pair of really sharp scissors to accurately cut out fabric. Your fabric scissors should only be used for cutting material – otherwise they could get dirty and mark your precious material and will certainly lose their edge. Be prepared to sharpen them, too.

Tailor’s Chalk

This chalk is used for tracing pattern pieces on to fabric, or any other time that you need to mark your material. Specially designed for using on dressmaking fabrics, it can be removed by rubbing with another pieces of fabric. An alternative to this is the fabric marker.

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The best way you can help yourself as a novice sewer is to choose dressmaking fabrics that are good quality and easy to sew. You can find them at

Measuring Tape

Choose a fabric-based measuring tape. You will need one that is flexible enough to hug the contours of the human body but that will not stretch, as plastic tapes sometimes can.

Seam Ripper

Sorry to say, but you will use this tool more than you would like to! When you find that you’ve made a mistake or you just want the opportunity to improve on your first go, this tool will help you quickly and easily undo the seam. Also useful for upcycling.

Sewing Machine

Finding the right sewing machine for you will take some research. This article is a good place to start.

Hand Sewing Needles

There are always pieces that need to be finished by hand, so hand sewing needles should be a part of your kit. Keep a variety of needles on hand, as different weights of fabric will need different needles.

Pins and Pincushion

Pins come in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. Which you choose is up to you, but there is the danger of damage to finer fabrics if you use thick pins. Some people prefer glass-headed pins – others like straight pins.