Major milestone for Road Safety Test Driving time up to 75 years of success

One study showed that people in London and south-east England take more attempts to pass the driving test candidates than other regions in the UK.

On the day Tuesday, June 1st British driving test symbol three – quarters of a century serving people safe on the road when it turns 75.

A compulsory driving test was introduced by June 1, 1935 – With the increasing number of deaths due to the increasing popularity of the car.

Mr J Beene is the first driver to pass the driving test and then the number of road deaths fell in 1000.

According to 1934 statistics, 7343 people died in the streets and there were 1,500,000 car. In 2008 there were 2,538 deaths on the roads and there are about 34 million cars.

Minister Mike Penning said safety on the road: “Test driving is not a mere ritual, but it helped save thousands of lives on our roads.

It is very important for examinees to pass the driving test as it will develop the skills they need special and safe while driving.

“The principles tall driver training and judgment is an important contribution to give Britain’s roads remain among the safest in the world.”

Trevor Wedge, chief examiner at the Driving Standards Agency, said: “Keep driving test some of the original elements in 1935, turned out to the street and back, but updated regularly to ensure that we try to repair the preparing drivers. the needs of the modern road.

“This year I introduced a new technique called independent candidates entrust management to drive for about 10 minutes, either following a series of directions, following traffic signs, or a combination of both. Independent driving is when students leave the way he / she was driving alone and they need to learn to drive safely. Simultaneously, it is important for students to see the signs when driving due to a normal life, what you do to learn. It really put theory and practice together. It makes you think about the signs, they make you think independently and feel more secure.

Facts and figures:

Testing became mandatory on June 1, 1935, after voluntarily introduced on March 16 of that year

The trial was suspended during World War II and the Suez Crisis – examiners assigned fuel rationing instead

Until 1975, the candidate will not be shown hand signals

The theory test was introduced in July 1996