Check windshield washer fluid Inspect

Washer fluid helps clean the windshield while driving without stopping the vehicle. This is very useful because sometimes the windshield gets dust or other elements to reduce the visibility of the driver and can clean the windshield while driving with the help of washing liquid. Easy to do at home and easy cleaning fluid check with your parking. It is better to regularly check your washer fluid, since fluid may continue to remain effective for a long time lost the power to do their job. Once not using effective contaminants away by her dirty non-stop and and in some cases instead of cleaning windshields are dirtier.

Then we will see how to check and change their own washing liquid.


The following is required to replace the windshield washer fluid:

Washer Fluid


Park the car on a flat surface and apply the parking brake. Le machines to chill for a few hours and open the bonnet.

Two. Finding glass washer fluid tank is not a difficult thing. To white and found no problems. I found it.

Three. Wash fluid reservoir is the most transparent. You can also see the level of liquid through it easily. This will give you a clear idea of ​​the fluid needs to be replaced or not. Even if you see it at the bottom of the scale, it is better to replace or recharge the required level.

April. Check the tank for possible broadcast or crack. If you look at the kind of breakage or leakage, it is best to get your deposit changes.

May. Before replacing the liquid to ensure you have the best recommended for this type of vehicle. You can also do at home, but be sure to use a normal detergent and window cleaner. For a better idea would be to consult a specialist in manual or mechanical transport.

6. Remove the fuel cap. Get a funnel to help prevent spills during filling of the reservoir fluid.

7. Refill the tank with the help of liquid slowly. Monitor the level of liquid during filling. Upon reaching the required stop and look to fill the tank. Close the front cover.

8. Starting the car and check for liquid water with the aid of a particular button. You can feel the difference.

You can replace the cleaning fluid and check the above steps with ease. Replacing fluids at home will not only save money but also save your time.