Vango Tents: Experience the latest open

More and more people are discovering (or rediscovering) happiness camping in tents – or more precisely, camping under the king-stop polyester. This is just one of the features Vango tent rental stores to ensure that over time, strong and light as possible.

Is touring style camping is a hobby site, or serious back-packing, there Vango brand you can trust. We at Outdoor World Direct has a wide range of Vango tents, from the mountains to address family pods and tunnels. We even have Indian tipi style tents pup. One thing they all have in common is their commitment to serious camper. This means they are durable, easy to install and test against all the time. While your Vango tent campaign will not look out of place next to all the chalets, tents and caravans in a large garden, it will bring you to a place where people “camping” does not dare to go.

Although many good shops recreation, Vango tent designed with tourists in mind seriously. Even large luxury tents built to withstand mountain conditions. No wonder, then, that the Vango tents are the preferred choice of many climbers and hikers, or that their products are compatible with the Duke of Edinburgh recommended kit as key scheme.

For some, camping has become an extreme sport. For this game, has a range of Vango tents overlooking the mountain hurricane. With names such as hurricanes, typhoons and storms are more blisters geodesic design powerful heavy duty ripstop and outers easily corrected time. Comfort is not compromised – all except the smallest feature porches.

Even if your only experience is an annual holiday camp in the camp is approved, you must know that your accommodation will not allow water or blowing in a storm. Some of England last summer really pounding time! However, Vango tent ensure stability and climate protection, whatever the season. They patented TBS system (band voltage stability), so the store is made between the storm’s strongest market. TBS is very useful for a larger tunnel canvas. Superior wind resistance is really creating a problem, and hard knocks, when the intensity of extreme emotions in pole bending may cause cracking. Hurricane-tab usually respond, but almost impossible with modern aerodynamic contours and polyester fabric. TBS system the problem is solved.

Not everyone wants to live in a large field, which was held in which it seems that somehow the awning fabric only amplifies surrounding snoring! In fact, for many people camping is not camping unless you have to walk a few miles to the campground. Of course some of the most beautiful camping places in Britain which is far from the road and is very popular with families as it has a single Backpackers. The only problem is, take you back home.

That’s why Vango has introduced a new generation of family size “technical shop.” That’s enough for up to 6 people great, but weighs less than 18 kg (body weight can be distributed among the members of the group). Alloy poles, high hydrostatic pressure (5000mm) and the easy development of land tunnel ensures that, with Vango tents can return to nature, both in comfort and style. a