The Classy Way

“I have always loved clothes, especially handbags and shoes. I would rather save my money on clothing and wear crap, but have the handbag and shoes” – Alicia Coppola.

This is rightly said by her about handbags and for every woman, it is possibly the same story. The handbags, as any other accessory of fashion, have had its share of development and advancement in its designs. But with the recent innovation in the world and in the fashion industry, there is a way paving in for designer wear and designer handbags are no exceptions to this new trend. The credit certainly goes to the designers who have found new and creative ways to master the art of making a handbag. Not only making it creative but designing it in a way that it looks classy and elegant at the same time. The evolution of handbags has come from being a very small pouch like design to those big ones now that seems to be the fashion of this current era.

Since the popularization of designer handbags, many of the women now take much more care in choosing, buying and accessorizing their handbags according to the place and the function in question. For the formal events though, there is the option of accessorizing yourself with a clutch but it still depends on the circumstances, if you would rather carry a clutch or a handbag. These handbags are much more expensive than a normal handbag of course, but some of the big names in the handbag selling brands are so posh that a normal person can just only dream of buying such a bag. Nonetheless, these bags are certainly made in a way that catches your attention and sure each of these are made with such intricacy and care, that it makes you drool over when you see a certain and very affluent celebrity carrying it around.

So when you win a lottery some day or inherit a large sum of money, make sure you do get your hands on one of these designer bags and it will definitely be worth it, as it’s the only way you can afford one of the big branded ones.