Reading the road ahead

Speaking to any truckdriver and probably find someone who is more often than not bring work home with him. No, we do not refer to it we stopped in front of his house with a truck full (although it can also occur returnload): Only truckers often eat, sleep and breathe the truck, and most are as passionate about the issue of time also free. You only have to look at the demonstration and held a series of trade fairs around the world to see that this is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Trucks, by definition, can be lonely times a great job (although the reason why many are attracted to the profession), and may have some nights away from home, or a couple of hours of waiting time for connection returnload. Most drivers carry at least one book in them by reading a good, clean, fun, it does not require too much physical effort. So, for a while, or just relaxing, here are some books that fit the bill, even the most fanatical lover truck.

Wages of Fear – George Arnaud

Do not let the name put you off: this is a gripping novel of French author who was inspired by his own experiences and adventures along the way to make a lie. After this book the exploits of the four drivers of trucks carrying nitro-Gycerine returnloads in the rugged mountains of South America. The story of his suicide mission to explore more of the dangerous journey alone, examined the relationship between people and how far they will go for friendship. If you like this book, then you like the film has also been described as “one of the greatest thrillers ever committed to celluloid”.

Kamyonistan – Robert Hackford

This fascinating novel follows the story of two young people, and how to deal with the loss of life and the only one in the Middle East. But more than that, it gives a sensitive life on the road as a long distance driver and a wonderful way to build web culture stories of vision. Do not subscribe to the common stereotype trucker life, exhibiting dense bone, stable in the mountains of Syria, with a focus on the driver instead of thinking returnloads details and allow monitoring of the café life. Surprisingly, this book is intended as measures aimed at ages 9-12 years, but the issue of morality, love, and fundamentalism reflects the reading of all ages. Read it and then giving it to children.

Diesel Rose

Each truckers women out there who want to spend and be inspired, look no further than Diesel Rose. This book presents a brilliant Rose – six feet tall and weighs 20 stone (more than a few returnloads), Rose is a girl who knows what she wants and does not take in response. He assured his patient partner, Dave, to help rebuild a truck and drive it to Europe Gibraltar. A mission goes from bad to worse and again deceived by Dave Rose tastefully chosen.

On the Road – Jack Kerouac

Not strictly on the truck driver, but can occasionally leave, and a great American classic is a must for anyone who has ever longed for the open road. Most autobiographies, Kerouac made observations on a spontaneous trip to Central America in the 1950s. Still is a favorite of all time and life as an icon of this generation of this book – not bad for something that takes three weeks to write.