Guidelines for car wash

Car Wash is part of keeping maintained. You can wash the car taking it to a car wash or cleaned by hand. Not too difficult to wash the car, but we have to get it right. Wash your hands to remove dirt more effectively, as well as saving money. Here is how, follow the simple instructions.


Garden Hose
Liquid car wash or soap
Soap without detergent
Window cleaner
Accept the failure of car-wash
Tar and error


Step 1:

Use a hose to clean the bottom of the car and the inside edge of the fender wells with water pressure quickly, wash all the dirt and debris that can cause rust and corrosion.

Step 2:

Should have checked the main body rust stains fender wells and quarter panels. The knife can be used to scraping the rust, then the area is sprayed with a corrosion resistant compound, usually available in aerosol cans. Rust removal is important when it comes to training. It is better to control the disease before it spreads to the beginning can result in repair costs by a professional workshop.

Step 3:

We had to park the car in an unfamiliar place.

Step 4:

Make a mixture of car wash or liquid soap in a bucket of warm water to make a lotion.

Step 5:

Starting a car wash from top to bottom. Start with the roof, then move on canvas, on both sides, grille and rear panel. Wash one section at a time. Use a sponge and foam pieces with a solution of soap, press down to loosen the dirt and dust. Before the solution dries, the parts should be sprayed with water using a garden hose. Then move on to the next section.

Step 6:

After the car wash, spray with water again. Then use a chamois to dry, but first soak them in water and take it out. Start with the roof and move from one section to another. Compression suedes and saturated. Cleaning windows with glass cleaner.

Step 7:

Finally, you may be able to observe the body of each tar and waste. Use tar and error to remove solvent.

Better care for car, better feel while driving. In addition, the resale value of the car is good if proper cleaning care is provided.

Tips and Precautions

Make sure the vehicle is parked in a cool, dry place.
Keep hydrated while washing the car during the summer.
Can you see a good auto parts store for a cleaner to wash the interior and dashboard.