Hottest Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women

Today, Men short hairstyles is the hottest trend. I’ve noticed a lot of girls with some really short hair style. Some look unattractive but most of them was able to pull it off! I have a long hair and I do get bored easily with hair style and I always want to try different hair cut but I am afraid to chop off my long hair into short hairstyles as I don’t have that sleek and manageable hair, not enough to get a boy hair cut. I’m afraid it would make me look manly as well. :/

Here are some of the short hair styles which would still bring out the chic and girly side of “women”. The Pixie and cropped haircut are my favorites, they’re simple and elegant. If you are wanting to get a short hair style for 2013 you might want to consider any of these. Let me know what you think!

If I have the perfect hair and bone structure I would definitely try the second one. Pretty cool and It will surely shock all my buddies and make a big impression. Ha-ha! Hmmm..But What do you think?

Tip: You need to remember to choose a style that fits your everyday lifestyle and the one that will make you feel comfortable.

Here are some of the celebrities with best pixie crops & short cuts. Which is your fave?