Image Boost

July 24, 2012 • by jhoice • in Business Marketing

Once in a while you will want to do a big promotion of your business or an organization. Sometimes it might even be a big event. There are a lot of methods to get noticed! You could have a big banner made and fly it behind a plane and then circle the areas of the city that you think your biggest potential customer base might come from. I like to go for the printed t-shirts, they are not quite as dramatic as a huge banner but they last a lot longer. Once you get them on enough bodies walking around it is the advertising that keeps on giving until those t-shirts wear out.

t-shirt printing

Since the advent of the internet there have been a myriad of marketing schemes that have made the rounds of the advertising gurus or “guru wanna be’s” . Some have been very successful like Google ad words for instance. For some companies that method has proven to be successful for many years and they commit to a google ad word buy as a regular part of their marketing efforts. I know that t-shirt printing may not sound as high tech as Google but I like to think that people still take the time to read a t-shirt that catches their attention with a great catch phrase!

Look Good and Feel Great This Summer!

July 23, 2012 • by jhoice • in Fashion and Style Latest Trends

If you are looking for a summer, sexy style now that the sun is out and the temperatures are hot, then you won’t have to look too far past the inner fashionista in you! The key to looking good and feeling great in the midst of boiling summer heat is to mix and match and make sure you have key wardrobe items! Be creative and you’ll feel confident and look stylish all summer long!

The Dressy Short

Skip the blue jean cutoffs. If you want summer style in short, then opt for the dressy short. Select cotton short in a neutral or nautical color — think white, navy, and red.  Pair it with a lightweight, bold-colored breezy shirt for the perfect look. The dressy short is a great way to keep your legs cool while also showing them off a little. It’s okay if you are short. That’s what heels are for when you are wearing shorts.

The Shorts Heel

 fashionable pump 2012- If you are wearing a pair of shorts and you want to lengthen the appearance of your legs, put on a pair of the perfect shoes! Wedges, strappy heels, and peep-toe sandals with heels come in a wide variety of summer colors. Pick a color that compliments your dressy short and shirt combo and look your red carpet best this summer.

The Accessories

- Don’t be afraid to accessories this summer—you have to be sure to complement your look! A straw beach bag, big sunglasses, and even a lightweight hair scarf to tie up your pinned-up hair all are a must. Layer on the bangles, bracelets, and pendant necklaces to shine in the sunlight. Add a cute pair of dangly earrings, and you’re ready to go!

Boho Purse
Sometimes all it takes is a little digging around into our inner fashionista to retrieve great summer style — a wide-brimmed, floppy sun hat, a colorful Boho purse, a strapless maxi dress, and a scarf or two to tie up your hair will have you chic enough for any event. With a little re-envisioning of the clothing you already have, you’ll be ready to don what feels like a brand new summer outfit and feel confident and cool.

Written by  Anya from ShoeDazzle