Halloween Fashion Already?

I know it seems way too early but those crazy Halloween parties are right around the corner. You need to find a good costume because putting on that moth eaten gorilla mask and a tutu is just not going to cut it this year in the world of fashion. So, as you know I am always here for you and I have done the research for you so you can be trendy for Halloween 2009! Its ok you can thank me later. 

The costume that you are going to be really tired of fast will be Michael Jackson. The industry is expecting a run on Michael and a strong trend of 1980s style in the new costumes coming out is expected. You could go as other dead people like Farrah Fawcett or Ed McMahon but then everyone would be “seeing dead people” on Halloween! How about going as a Star Trek character? Captain Kirk or Spock are both great for guys and you can go as Lt Uhura, she was one sexy chick! So think 1980s and go as Donna Summers or Elton John! The 80s have lots of material and easy to create looks. Enjoy and save me some candy!

Halloween Fashion